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Dr. Luca Brivio, trustee (“curatore”) of the bankruptcy proceeding (“fallimento”) of SAE Powerlines Srl (“SAE”), an engineering and construction company operating in the electricity transmission and distribution sector, mainly abroad and, in particular, in the countries of the sub-Sahara Africa ("Territory"), is available to evaluate expressions of interest for the purchase of SAE’s business (“azienda”) or parts of it. Among the assets that make up the going concern are included:

  1. Trademark ("SAE Power Lines")
  2. Know how
  3. References attesting the work carried out in the last fifty years
  4. Projects and local presence in the following countries: Algeria, Benin Togo, Botswana, Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania
  5. Employment contracts with 28 employees, including five managers.

Further information on SAE is available at www.saepowerlines.com

The trustee


all interested subjects in submitting an expression of interest for the purchase of the business or part of it, net of any debt. Interested parties shall express their interest by sending an e-mail to the address f153.2018monza@pecfallimenti.it containing in the object "expression of interest - SAE company", with attached a letter written in Italian or In english, having the following content:

  1. name, address, telephone number, e-mail address of the interested party and name and surname of the legal representative;
  2. brief description of the activities carried out by the interested party;
  3. brief illustration of the motivations underlying the purchase interest and the development project;
  4. expression of interest in purchasing SAE’s business or its branches;
  5. signature of the legal representative of the interested party and copy of the identity document.

The following documents need to be attached to the said expression of interest:

  1. interested parties’ company’s register certificate;
  2. most recently filed financial statement filed t the company’s register

An expression of interest per person to be appointed shall not be considered valid.

Upon receipt of the said expressions of interest, the signing of a confidentiality agreement will be requested as well as the express acceptance of the data room regulation room in which the relevant information will be placed in order to allow the interested party to express a binding offer to purchase the business or of branches of them.

This announcement constitutes exclusively a legally non-binding invitation to express interest: it does not constitute an invitation to offer or an offer to the public pursuant to art. 1336 of the Civil Code, nor a promise to the public pursuant to art. 1989 c.c. nor a solicitation to the public savings ex art. 94 and ss. If D.lgs. n. 58/1998.

The presentation of the expression of interest does not imply any obligation or legal obligation for the subscribers; and does not entail any right whatsoever for subjects who have expressed their interest.

The aforementioned communication via electronic email shall be sent no later than 3 November 2018. As soon as the outcome of this call has been verified, the editors shall take any appropriate and consequent measure.


Further information

Any information can be requested by calling the n. 02/874506, Dott. Luca Brivio.



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